Welcome to Titirangi Badminton Club

Haere mai to the Titirangi Badminton Club!

We are very pleased that you are considering joining us, and are proud to offer you an excellent club to join, with friendly members, social activities and a great sports facility.

The following is designed to offer you some information about the Titirangi Badminton Club (TBC) and answer any questions you may have about our Club.


Badminton in General – Badminton New Zealand is made up of many associations across New Zealand, to which most clubs belong. We fall under the umbrella of the Waitakere Badminton Association (WBA) and we try to offer them as much support as we can. In turn, WBA run ongoing team competitions and a variety of tournaments throughout the year. Badminton Waitakere also select teams to represent Waitakere in division, masters (35+), veterans (50+) and super veterans (60+). Contact details for Waitakere Badminton Association are: Paul Shirley, Tel: 833 9012. 


Titirangi Badminton Club

The Titirangi Badminton Club was formed in 1966 and currently has approximately 100 members. The facility is located on Withers Road, Glen Eden and contains four courts, changing rooms, showers and kitchen facilities. Our website, www.titirangi-badminton.com and public Facebook page provide information about the club, and our private Facebook Group enables our members to receive news and socialise with each other outside of club hours.


Club Nights

Seniors and Intermediates play on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7.00pm-10.45pm. Games of doubles and mixed doubles are made up for you, usually of people within the same grade as you – however we do endeavour to give players a chance to play both up and down a grade.

Seniors are classed as any person who will have attained the age of fifteen years as at the 31st December of the current calendar year.

Intermediates are classed as any person who will have attained the age of fifteen years as at 31st December of the current calendar year who are in full-time study at school, university or other recognised educational institution.

Juniors - please click here



Subscriptions are set at the beginning of each year. The 2020/2021 season commences on the 1st March 2020 and ends in February 2021. A family subscription only applies to two or more family members living in the same household.     


Visitors Fees – We welcome all visitors to our club by way of waiving the visitor’s fee on your very first club night visit. You may continue to play as a senior visitor by paying a $10.00 fee per night for a further four nights and then you must decide whether you would like to become a member.


Hall Hireage – Each Club subscription entitles senior members to a key to the hall, allowing members to access the hall outside of club nights. We ask that members take responsibility for their friends and family, and insist that the key conditions are followed. A $50.00 key bond is required, in addition to your annual subscription. A key conditions form needs to be signed, and four club visits as a member are required before keys can be progressed.

Court hire is $10 per hour (the cheapest in all of Auckland!) and bookings can be made online.


The Club member whose name the key is registered to MUST BE PRESENT AT ALL TIMES

Keys are not to be loaned out.


Conditions of Use of the Hall – To preserve the surface of the courts we insist that all players wear shoes with non-marking soles. We also ask that players wear sporting attire when on the court and not beach clothing.

In order to maintain our tidy hall we ask that no one brings food or drink onto the court area, and that members sweep up after using the courts and remove all used shuttles. For your own safety we ask that the front door to the hall be locked at all times, and as per our Council permit, the hall must be vacated by 11.00pm on week nights and 9.00pm on Sundays. PLEASE DO NOT PROP THE FRONT DOOR OPEN AT ANY TIME.



Racquet restringing can be arranged through Danny at Project Zynergy.

Shuttles can be purchased at Senior Club nights.

Racquets, restringing, shoes, clothing etc. can be purchased through the Pro shop located at the Waitakere Badminton Association, Royal Road, Massey, Auckland or contact Ritchie at Ritchie@nzba.net.nz / 021 0426150. Website: www.nzba.net.nz  


Committee – Each year a variety of members are elected at the Annual General Meeting to ensure that the Club continues to run smoothly and prosper successfully. These members are contactable and would be only too happy to answer any further queries you may have.


Jody Bishop, Tel: 022 426 1065

Alternatively, you can contact the committee at tbccommittee1@gmail.com.

We hope you find this helpful in making your decision to join our Titirangi Badminton Club and look forward to seeing you on the court in the future.




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