Club Championships

Club championships are for members only and usually take place from June to September. 

General Club Champs Information

Club champs are split into multiple events:

  • Womens singles
  • Mens singles
  • Womens doubles
  • Mens doubles
  • Mixed doubles

There are five grades: Open (All grades), B, C, D and E.  A player may play up one grade, as well as playing in their own grade.

All members are eligible to also play in the Open section.

The format is typically boxes and/or knockout rounds.

Coming Events



Thurs 30th - B Grade Mixed Doubles      



Thurs 6th - C, D & E Grade Mixed Doubles

Thurs 13th - B Grade Mens Singles

Thurs 20th - B, C, D & E Grade Womens Doubles,

Thurs 27th - B Grade Mens Doubles



Thurs 3rd - C Grade Mens Doubles

Thurs 10th - B, C, D & E Grade Womens Singles

Thurs 24th - Open Womens Singles & C Grade Mens Singles



Thurs 1st - D & E Grade Mens Doubles

Thurs 8th - Open Mens Doubles

Thurs 15th - D & E Grade Mens Singles, Open Mens Singles

Thurs 22nd - Open Womens Doubles

Thurs 29th - Open Mixed Doubles



Sat 7th - Club Champs Finals Day

Sat 28th - Club Prize Giving

Shield Events

  • Presidents Shield (All grades)      23rd July 2020
  • Clements Shield (B - C grade)     25th June 2020 (no club night)
  • Penman Shield (D - E grade)       2nd July 2020

Only fully paid up club members may play in these competitions.

The Presidents Shield

This competition is open to players of all grades and is a handicapped competition.

All members are pre-ranked and given an individual handicap figure by our club captains. This figure remains the same throughout the night. Partners for each game will be drawn and the handicaps combined. This is the score that you will start that particular game on. The first three game scores for each player will be recorded and the highest scoring four men and four women will become our semi-finalists.

The semi-finals are mixed doubles games. Partners are drawn once from the pool and play off against each other, again with the handicaps tallied as above. The winning pair from each semi-final will play off against each other in the finals. 

The Penman Shield and the Clements Shield

The Clements Shield is for B-C grade players.

The Penman Shield is for D-E grade players.

The basic format is a preliminary round consisting of at least three games per player, including at least one mixed doubles game.  Scores are recorded for the first three games each player plays.

The four highest scoring men, and the four highest scoring women go through to the semi-finals.  The semi-finals are mixed doubles games, with partners again drawn.  The winners of each of the semi-finals go through to the finals.  No re-draw is made for the finals.

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