Privacy Statement

Your Data is Your Data 

Your privacy is important to us. Any details provided to us will be kept confidential and not on sold to third parties.

Titirangi Badminton Club's Access

Titirangi Badminton Club will not access or use this data in any way other than when it is necessary to contact you regarding club events, club and/or external tournaments and information regarding the club. This access is limited to identified Committee Members at Titirangi Badminton Club. Those members have in turn have agreed to ensuring the data remains confidential.

Passwords & Personal Data

It is your responsibility to ensure you keep your password safe. You need to take extra care with phones and tablets to ensure these details are keep safe and confidential.


We may occasionally take photos for use on our website and/or Facebook pages and/or displayed at the hall.


Security cameras are in place, however all images will be kept confidential and only viewed by Committee Members / Police etc. in cases such as emergency/damage to property/theft.

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